White Chocolate 42% + Matcha & Tokujou Sencha

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This chocolate bar is fruit of the friendship and collaboration between Chá Camélia and Feitoria do Cacao.

After several trials, experiments, tests and discussions, always with lots of love and passion, a very happy chocolate was born, which brings the whole freshness and subtlety of Japanese tea, integrated into the euphoric texture and palate of white chocolate.

These Matcha and Tokujou-Sencha are produced in the tea plantation in Miyazaki, by the hands of Morimoto couple who cultivates and treats the tea with much love and accuracy. Matcha, which is powdered, provides the color, intensity in the aroma and the taste of green tea, then the crispy leaves of Tokujou-Sencha appear, cleaning the palate and leaving a prolonged freshness aftertaste.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Skim and Whole Milk Powder (Origin: Portugal / Azores), Cane Sugar and Green Tea. Cocoa Minimum: 42%

Weight: 50g

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