Milk Chocolate TANZANIA Kilombero Valley 60% + Sheep’s Milk

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The Kilombero valley, in central Tanzania, is a fertile wetland, also known as rice land. The cacao that grows in this area, has a particular character due to the very fruity and vibrant acidity that provides a great impact, with rustic nuances like hay or herbs.

Feitoria do Cacao combined this characteristic cocoa with sweet and intensity of sheep milk. After melting gently in the mouth with its sweetness characteristic of sheep’s milk, it develops a rich and deeply complex palate by its sensorial duet with cacao. The slight acidity ends with a divine harmony.

It is suggested to pair with cheese or fortified wine.

Ingredients: Tanzanian Cocoa Beans, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter and Sheep Milk (Origin: Spain).

Cocoa Minimum: 60%

Weight: 50g

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