Milk Chocolate OVELHA NEGRA Tanzania 70% + Sheep Milk – No added sugar

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Out of the perfect marriage of Tanzanian Cocoa and Sheep Milk, a rebel lamb was born: OVELHA NEGRA (=BLACK SHEEP).

The idea is simple: To maximize the very complex taste of this pairing between fruity Tanzanian cocoa and full-fat sheep’s milk, we have excluded the addition of sugar in this recipe.

It is a milk chocolate but, containing 70% of cocoa, its flavor is very intense as dark. On the other hand, the absence of sweetener allows you to appreciate the most subtle nuances.

With the slight natural sweetness from sheep’s milk, it makes you feel toasted bread, biscuit, cashew, buttery cheese, in a dense and velvety texture. The chocolate has a full body, but the characteristic acidity of the Tanzanian cocoa, adds a pleasant lightness in the end.

It’s a very deviant and different milk chocolate, like a black sheep on the flock.

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