Milk Chocolate COLOMBIA 58% + COLOMBIA Coffee

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The Huila region it is in southwestern Colombia, leaning against the Andes, where the Magdalena River flows. The soil with volcanic ash and specific microclimate feed its natural diversity, favoring the ideal terroir for cocoa and coffee of excellent quality. Its cocoa is characterized by the floral touch and flavor of dried fruits.

We combine this cocoa from Huila, with specialty coffee from Colombia from the same region, roasted by the hands of Diogo Amorim. The contrast between the rich and soft taste of the milk chocolate and the fresh bitterness of medium-light roasting, with the crunchy texture of coarsely ground coffee, provide a perfect balance and gradual complexity in the mouth.It is a very glamorous chocolate, where you can enjoy two jewels from Colombia, cocoa and coffee, in one tablet.


Cocoa beans from Colombia, Cocoa Butter, Cane Sugar, Skim Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder  and Coffee.

Cocoa content Minimum: 58%

*May contain traces of nuts.

Weight: 50g

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