Milk Chocolate 57% + PASTEL DE NATA

7.50  Iva Incluido

“Pastel de Nata” is one of the most popular Portuguese sweets in the world. In Portugal, you can find this wonderful tart in any cafe, but its origin goes back to the Pasteis de Belém factory. It was founded in 1837, where it inherited at the time, the ancestral recipe of the Jerónimos monastery, and even today, its original recipe remains a secret.

The crispy puff pastry, the creamy egg custard with a subtle touch of lemon, and on top of the burnt cream, always a pinch of cinnamon to add a typical flavor… Our Nicaragua 57% milk chocolate manages to perfectly harmonize and integrate these elements, adding an irresistible combination with cocoa.

We managed to achieve this chocolate, thanks to  one more happy partnership with Padaria artesanal AZEDA, who made one of the most important elements of this recipe: the artisanal puff pastry.

It’s another way to enjoy our beloved pastel de nata, in the FEITORIA DO CACAO ´s way.

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